Commercial Flooring in DC, Maryland, & Northern Virginia

We can handle commercial flooring jobs of all types. If you've got a damaged floor that needs to be replaced, or even just a few spots that need to be repaired in your building, we've got the expertise to get the job done. We will come in and remove your old or damaged floor, show you samples of different options to consider for your new floor and install flooring of your choice on your schedule.

Excellent Flooring Installation & Repair by Professionals

Premiere Works specializes in projects that require off-hours completion, so if your floor is in use during business hours, we can do the floor repair or replacement work over night so your business stays operational the whole time.

No commercial job is too small for us. Our staff has a wide range of experience outside of flooring, so if you have a job that's too small for a flooring company, and you have some additional repair projects in need of completion, we'll work with you to get the entire facility back up to Premiere operating conditions.

We offer flooring installation and repair for:


From replacing a few small spots in a damaged floor to hauling away and replacing an entire building’s flooring, Premiere Works has the expertise and dedication to take care of any size flooring installation or repair job. We work around your schedule and your price range, bringing you samples based on your requirements so you can get the look you want at a price that fits your budget. In addition to offering many modern styles, our employees have the expertise and resources to match even out-of-production tile to create a seamless look without having to replace the entire room, saving you both time and money. Oftentimes, we can even use your existing flooring to repair an area, saving you the expense of buying new materials. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the flooring that’s right for you.

Once you choose the style you’d like, we install it at a time that’s most convenient for you. In fact, Premiere Works specializes in projects that require off-hours completion, making it easy to get the repairs or updated look you want without disruption to your business.

In addition to flooring installation and repair, Premiere Works provides a number of maintenance and repair services, making it easy to keep your building in tip-top shape. Don’t call a different company every time you need work done on your commercial building; Premiere Works is your one-stop-shop, and we have the expertise to get it all done quickly and efficiently. Want us to fix chipped paint while we replace the flooring? Need some new light fixtures installed while we replace the wallpaper? No problem. We can service multiple repair needs in the same visit. Our staff has experience in painting, plumbing repairs, wall coverings, electrical work, water remediation, and much more in addition to flooring repair and installation, making them versatile enough to take care of nearly anything you need done.

For more information on flooring installation and repair from Premiere Works, or any of our commercial building maintenance and repair services, contact us today.