Expert EIFS & Synthetic Stucco Repair

Whether seals around windows and doors have deteriorated, cracks have appeared in the facade, or there’s another issue with the look or function of your building’s EIFS or synthetic stucco, repair services from Premiere Works can get your building looking like new again in no time. In addition to addressing aesthetic concerns, we can identify and remedy any structural issues and protect it from further damage. Our expert exterior repair technicians have the skill, dedication, and know-how to take care of even the most extensive repair job thoroughly and to anticipate potential issues so that they can be addressed before they turn into a major problem.

Premiere Works offers flexible options to meet the requirements of all our clients, providing everything from emergency exterior repair to regularly scheduled preventative inspections and maintenance. These options come with monthly or yearly reports to keep you ahead of any potential exterior issues without having to worry about keeping up with appointments. And, landlords can even give our number directly to tenants so they can report any issues and you can get them dealt with quickly and easily.

If you’re tired of calling a different company every time you need something done, than Premiere Works can help. In addition providing EIFS and synthetic stucco repair, we’re a full service building maintenance company and will be happy to provide you with any service, from the smallest repair to a complete renovation. We even work directly with tenants, and you can give them our number so you can have any issues taken care of without having to be on location.

For more information or to request a quote for building maintenance and repair services, including exterior repair services for EIFS, synthetic stucco, brick, and more, contact Premiere Works today.


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