How to Choose a Commercial Handyman in Washington, DC

Choosing a commercial handymanWhen you need repairs, renovations or commercial maintenance services at your business, the first step is to find the right handyman for the project. This process can be difficult since there are so many handymen in your local area, and everyone doesn’t offer the same level of quality and service. It’s important to do your research when choosing a repairman, so consider the following tips to find the best commercial handyman for your business needs:

Ask for Estimates

Get estimates from a few different companies to find the right price. Look for a good value with a fair price and quality workmanship. Also, be wary of prices that are too low or high — and consider how the quality of supplies affects the price.

Get References and Referrals

Ask other businesses in your community for commercial handyman referrals in Washington, DC. This allows you to get feedback from someone who has already worked with the contractor and figure out if he can handle the level of work you need. If you can’t find any referrals, ask potential companies for references of local businesses they have worked with before. Call those businesses and ask about their experiences with this contractor. When talking to references or referrals, ask them:

  • How well the handyman stuck to the deadline
  • The quality of the craftsmanship
  • The level of service they received

Check the Company’s Insurance

Choose a commercial handyman that has liability insurance and worker’s compensation. If the handyman does not have liability insurance and is injured while on your property, your company will need to cover it. Don’t take that risk; instead, choose a company with the proper insurance coverage up front.

Find Recommendations Online

In addition to contacting references and referrals, you can also find out about a company by reading reviews from previous clients on review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List. Another spot to check is the Better Business Bureau website to see the company’s rating and whether there have been complaints against them.

Find a Handyman Who Agrees to a Contract

Choose a handyman who will specify the details of the project in writing. This will give you a guide to reference if the handyman tries to change something later, and it can provide protection if he doesn’t complete the work as it was detailed in the contract.

Look Into Permits 

Find out what permits and licensing your project will require from your local government. Once you have this information, you can ask potential handymen about it and see if they will obtain the correct permits before starting the project. Pass by any contractor who says permits are not necessary.

Premiere Works is one of your local options for commercial handyman services in DC. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and trust from our community, our handyman services include:

  • Wall talkers for meeting rooms
  • Water barriers to minimize water damage if it occurs
  • Drywall installation
  • Storage room renovations to create a better layout
  • Replacing degraded concrete or slate materials
  • Many additional jobs that don’t require a major contractor