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Why Rubber Flooring Is The Solution

rubber flooringIf your business environment is in need of new flooring or you’re looking for benefits that beat what your current material has to offer, consider commercial rubber flooring. This choice gives strength, durability and versatility to fit the needs of a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Installing this material in your facility provides your business with an array of benefits.

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Cleaning Windows Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle With Professional Window Washing

shutterstock_370744835Keeping your facility clean helps your employees be more productive while promoting the correct image of your company to the local community. Yet many times, maintenance managers overlook one of the most important aspects of their building’s maintenance — window cleaning. While your existing maintenance crew can maintain cleaned windows with a wipe down from time to time, to ensure your buildings are truly clean, you need the services of a skilled window washing company.

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Commercial Restoration 101: Causes, Risks And The Importance Of Hiring A Professional

water damageIf you think that only residential homes have to worry about water damage in our nation’s capital, think again — commercial buildings and properties in Washington DC are arguably just as much at risk. Although common, water damage isn’t something that anyone finds welcoming. That’s because it can ruin a facility’s contents, jeopardize its structural integrity, and, perhaps worst of all, force a commercial establishment to close shop until the issue is resolved — something that can lead to a loss of revenue and possibly even lost customers.

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10 Quick Tips On Choosing A Commercial Landscaper

commercial landscapingFor some, the decision to choose a commercial landscaper boils down to the rates that it charges, the speed with which it can work, or some other relatively minor factor. However, your company’s landscape says a lot about your brand, which means that it is vital to choose a landscaping service that will work wonders with your outdoor spaces. To that end, here are some tips that will help you select the most qualified landscaping company.

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Commercial Renovation Trends 2015

Construction worker performing commercial building rennovationIt has been a tough few years for the commercial construction and innovation industry, but it’s becoming more and more apparent it’s on the upswing. During and immediately following the economic crash of 2008, you didn’t have to travel too far before coming across a stalled project that reflected the economic reality of the time. By comparison, 2015 saw construction sites humming to life, properties getting snatched, and real estate values increasing more quickly than in recent history. Continue reading

Energy Saving Tips For The Office In 2015

Professional Property Management ServicesEnergy costs can take a huge bite out of your bottom line.This includes not only your heating and cooling costs, but also your office’s lighting, equipment and more. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the majority of businesses could save between 2 and 10 percent of their energy costs by implementing a stronger energy management policy. Upgrades to lighting and HVAC systems can save up to 30 percent on your energy budget. Buildings that have earned the Energy Star rating use 35 percent less energy on average, and they come with numerous other benefits, including:

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Summer Is Here! Make Sure Your Office Is Running Smoothly

commercial building and facility maintenceNow that summer is here, it’s time to make sure your office is up to par for this new season. It’s a great time to focus on outdoor work, when there’s no risk of ice and snow interfering with the project — although it’s just as good a time to take care of indoor work. You can get a lot of work accomplished before the end of the year, when budgets dry up and the holiday season arrives. Here are some areas to focus on for your building this season:

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How to Choose a Commercial Handyman in Washington, DC

Choosing a commercial handymanWhen you need repairs, renovations or commercial maintenance services at your business, the first step is to find the right handyman for the project. This process can be difficult since there are so many handymen in your local area, and everyone doesn’t offer the same level of quality and service. It’s important to do your research when choosing a repairman, so consider the following tips to find the best commercial handyman for your business needs: Continue reading

Hiring the Right Contractor for Tenant Improvement

Save Money With A Tenant Improvement Contractor

Tip for hiring tenant contractorImproving a commercial space you plan to fill can help you attract the right tenant quickly and possibly charge a higher rent for the space. In order to make the space the best it can be, you might need to perform some maintenance because of damage from the last tenants. If you have a tight budget, consider hiring a tenant improvement contractor to help you save money on the process. Here is a list of ways you can effectively cut costs, making tenant improvement a viable option on any budget: Continue reading