Commercial Handyman Services

Serving Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Commercial handymen routinely perform construction work and repair commercial buildings. They perform a highly specialized service, so they have different tasks and responsibilities than a typical handyman that repairs residential homes. Commercial handymen services can be hired by large office buildings, apartment complexes, and other businesses with commercial space. Each type of business has certain building codes and regulations which the handymen should know and understand. Below are four common services commercial handymen provide for their customers:

Installing Concrete and Slate

Requests to replace and remove the old concrete and slate on the property are common, especially if the building has not been renovated in a long time. For example, a new retail store may need to add a wheelchair ramp to increase access for handicapped people and comply with state and federal laws. Or an office manager may contact a commercial handyman to replace the cracked slate tiles along their ceiling.

Water Barriers

Water barriers are necessary for businesses that use lots of water on a regular basis. Typical commercial buildings that need water barriers are apartment complexes and restaurants . Commercial handymen can install water barriers to prevent water from spreading throughout the building and affecting another unit. Water damage can damage equipment and cause issues with mold and other issues. Water barriers can save commercial building owners from potential lawsuits and problems that come with water damage.

Blown In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is another popular request, due to its many advantages. This type of insulation can help control a building’s climate, and can reduce animal damage since there won’t be room for them to live in the walls, floors and ceilings.

Storage Rooms

Commercial buildings with tenants or businesses that will need lots of extra storage space can hire a commercial handyman to create more storage rooms or increase the size of ones that were previously constructed. They can also use their tools to move storage rooms to other locations, especially if the owner of the building wants to increase the number of units in their complex and needs to increase the floor plan.

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