Commercial Kitchen Construction Cost

Utensils Hanging In Commercial KitchenThe cost a property owner will pay to install a commercial kitchen, whether in a home or in a restaurant establishment, varies significantly. The high-tech equipment, larger than average cooking surfaces, and code regulations are all factors in determining what this installation will cost.

Yet, this investment pays for itself in the long run. Ultimately, it improves efficiency and productivity, which could be key factors in building a successful kitchen.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Commercial Kitchen?

In a survey conducted by, the estimated construction costs for an establishment can range from $49,500 (for a small location) to upwards of $279,807 for a high-end, larger establishment. These are averages. It is very likely that the cost of any commercial kitchen will range substantially for any location due to a number of factors. This includes the following.

  • Equipment costs –
    The specific types of equipment necessary for the kitchen to operate will vary from one type of location to the next. A fast food restaurant compared to a fine dining establishment will differ significantly.
  • Location size –
    The larger the expected customer numbers, the higher the costs for a commercial kitchen. A location pushing through 20 customers at its busiest time needs far less room, in some cases, than an establishment managing hundreds of people per hour.
  • Menu scope –
    The larger and more complex the menu, the higher the costs for establishing the kitchen. Most often, a versatile restaurant with a diverse menu will need more equipment, more space, more refrigeration, and more overall storage than a location with a simplified menu.

From what you serve to the number of customers visiting on a daily basis, the cost of a commercial kitchen installation is a hard to predict number. Often times, the best route to take to nail down these details is to work out a comprehensive building plan and then to work to reduce costs as much as possible where possible.

It’s an Individual Decision

No matter if the chef is designing the kitchen or a homeowner is behind the plans, the investment in a commercial kitchen is very much a personal one. That is, the individual needs of the space must be taken into consideration before an investment is made.

  • How much construction and remodeling must be done to get the facility operational?
  • How many structural changes need to be considered? This includes upgrades to electrical, plumbing, and ventilation (which is one of the highest costs associated with the design of a true commercial kitchen).
  • What equipment can be maintained and what no longer functions properly?
  • What type of building codes are present that must be up graded and maintained?

Other Things to Consider

There is also the consideration of commercial kitchen contractors.

  • Some contractors charge more than others charge.
  • Contractors must also factor in the costs associated with work permits.
  • Time delays may become expensive.
  • And, there is always the unknown factor to plan for, such as the roofing problems in the space or the lack of clean sewers.

It’s difficult to estimate a specific cost for any establishment, but a quality commercial kitchen is often very much worth building properly.

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