Commercial Office Renovations

Serving Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Time moves forward, unfortunately some office spaces stay firmly planted in the last century. Whether the office is bustling during the day or money has been tight, the time to renovate draws near.

Renovating an office entails more than shampooing the carpets and painting the walls. A thorough inspection of the space by professionals will reveal the true extent of the work needing done. Normal wear and tear over years and new building codes often make it necessary for crews to:

  • Replace plumbing fixtures and pipes
  • Replace outdated electrical circuitry
  • Replace or add insulation
  • Repair or replace flooring
  • Repair and paint interior and exterior walls
  • Install new windows
  • Install drop ceilings

Keeping the office modern saves money by lowing electric bills and savings on repairs. If the plumber is coming often to shore up existing pipes, new pipes are a necessity. Out-of-date electrical wiring is a fire hazard as the wires become brittle over time.

No Office Closures

Time is money so closing the business for an unexpected project is not an option. Renovations can go on after hours while the offices are empty. This works well for the contractors and the tenants. Neighboring tenants will not be troubled by the noise or debris. Parking will not be disturbed and business goes on as usual.

Access to the office

During the upgrade, crews clear away all the debris, clutter and equipment every night. Tenants will not have to worry about blocked parking, construction debris or new office components blocking their way. The work is handled as unobtrusively as possible to avoid conflict with the neighbors and tenants.

There is no reason to put off necessary renovations that will keep your tenants in modern office space and save money in the long run. The crews work around office hours and do all the site clean up so tenants are left undisturbed during the process.

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