Office Renovation Ideas

How is your office contributing to your company’s overall productivity? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to take a closer look at the design of your workspace. CBS News reports that over 50 percent of employees would be willing to stay at the office for an extra hour every day if they were happier with the space they were given to work. Not only can a redesigned office make your employees eager to work longer, it can also make them more productive and stay working at your company for many years to come. Here are a few renovation ideas you can make to increase your office’s efficiency.

Centralize Common Spaces

The way the office space is set up is the number one cause for loss of productivity. Consider where your employees actually go throughout the day. Is the layout setup for convenience, or are your workers walking excessive amounts to perform simple tasks, such as make copies or get coffee? By providing centralized workstations and break rooms, you are eliminating huge amounts of wasted time.

Move the Executives to the Inside

Another huge mistake many companies make is giving the executives the rooms with the windows, even though they probably spend the least amount of time in their actual offices. Instead, consider interior offices for the higher-ups, and give the people spending all day every day at their desks the work-inspiring real estate. By giving your worker bees the windows, they will be happier with their work space, work harder, and give you better work in less time.

Consider the Paint

construction officeIt is believed that renovating your office is the easiest and most cost effective way to increase productivity. The simplest fix of all? Painting. If your layout is already keeping your employees working wisely, perhaps all you need is a new color on the walls. Many offices stick with plain old white paint, but this color is neither inspiring nor effective. Color psychology is a very real thing and should never be ignored, especially in the office. points out that workers in blue spaces tend to be the most productive. Yellow is another color that can help your employees, as it enhances concentration. Consider including both colors in your redesign, as they provide valuable assets to your company. If you are going to take on more then just the wall painting such as the floor or ceiling you may want to look into hiring local D.C. painting professionals in your area who have all the equipments and necessary skills.

Close Off Collaboration Areas

Allowing your employees a place to collaborate with each other is vital to the success of any business. However, if your idea of gathering places is seating areas scattered throughout the cubicles, this may be hindering your efforts. These areas can be noisy, which is good for getting the creative juices flowing, but can be detrimental to the other workers who are trying to concentrate. Instead, renovate the space to provide small gathering rooms throughout the office, but make sure they can be closed off completely. This way, your employees still have the space they need for priceless collaboration without interrupting the other workers.