Summer Is Here! Make Sure Your Office Is Running Smoothly

commercial building and facility maintenceNow that summer is here, it’s time to make sure your office is up to par for this new season. It’s a great time to focus on outdoor work, when there’s no risk of ice and snow interfering with the project — although it’s just as good a time to take care of indoor work. You can get a lot of work accomplished before the end of the year, when budgets dry up and the holiday season arrives. Here are some areas to focus on for your building this season:

Electrical Checks

This is a smart time to check for blown fuses in the fuse boxes of your building, and to make sure the switches are working as they should be. In addition, check for frayed wires or other problems with the electrical outlets. Fix any problems you find during the check.


Summer is a great time to repaint the exterior of your building if it’s looking worse for the wear. Starting now allows you to have the job completed before harsher weather comes in the fall and winter. You can also use this time to fix the interior paint if your office could use a spruce or you’re trying to create a new look.


Check your flooring for signs of wear, such as worn carpet or chips in tile. You can choose to repair or replace sections of the flooring if the problem areas are limited. If they are more widespread, it’s probably time to replace all of the flooring. You can also consider this if your office is going for a new look or you want to take advantage of the benefits of a different type of flooring than what you currently have. Choose from many commercial flooring options, such as carpeting, tile, wood or concrete floors.

Tenant Improvement

If your tenant building is vacant, now is the time to perform tenant improvement so you can fill the space once more. This can include:

  • making repairs
  • upgrading bathroom fixtures and lighting
  • performing plumbing and electrical work
  • making other changes to the space

Plumbing and Water Leaks

Summer is the time to check leaks in your plumbing and take care of any problems. If you’ve had any water damage in the building due to leaks, water remediation services will take care of that, making sure the building is clean, dry and safe.

Exterior Work

Check if your building has damage in the roof, foundation and other exterior areas, and have professionals repair these parts of the building before the winter comes. They can even weatherproof the exterior so it’s ready for the harsh weather that’s on the way. Summer is also a good time to clean the exterior through gutter cleaning and other cleaning services.


Beautify the exterior through landscaping to make it look colorful and alive for summer and fall. You can also add some year-round types of trees and bushes that will look great even in the cold of winter. During summer, your business can focus on all sorts of landscaping, such as:

  • controlling problem plants
  • cleaning the current landscaping
  • weeding
  • turning the mulch and adding a new layer
  • adding new plants to the current landscaping and replacing any that aren’t thriving

A professional can provide landscape design to create an inviting outdoor area that impresses customers and clients.

Choose a Professional Building Maintenance Company

These are many of the jobs to focus on in your commercial building this summer. It’s the perfect time for fixing winter damage, and for checking the safety and integrity of the building. You can also use this time to renovate and beautify the building. Premiere Works is a Washington DC area commercial maintenance company that can handle commercial jobs with its team of handymen and contractors.