Hiring the Right Contractor for Tenant Improvement

Save Money With A Tenant Improvement Contractor

Tip for hiring tenant contractorImproving a commercial space you plan to fill can help you attract the right tenant quickly and possibly charge a higher rent for the space. In order to make the space the best it can be, you might need to perform some maintenance because of damage from the last tenants. If you have a tight budget, consider hiring a tenant improvement contractor to help you save money on the process. Here is a list of ways you can effectively cut costs, making tenant improvement a viable option on any budget:

Have a Budget From the Start

To stay on track, create a budget and share it with your contractor. By knowing how much you are able to spend, your contractor can choose sub-contractors and materials that fit your budget. Talk to your contractor about areas where you’re willing to compromise and areas where you could be willing to spend more for higher quality.

Work With What You Have

Instead of redoing every part of your building, try to use what you already have. The contractor might be able to find ways to keep or reuse some of the materials that are already present, such as the existing flooring, windows and plumbing fixtures. Even if you decide you want to change these aspects later for aesthetic reasons, you can keep them at first for a more affordable improvement project as long as they are in good shape.

Create an Energy-Efficient Space

Through the tenant improvement process, you have the chance to create an energy-efficient space with the materials and systems used. You can often save with “green” projects through incentives offered by your state, utility companies or other organizations. Once the space is more energy efficient, it provides ongoing cost savings for the building.

Find the Right Tenant Improvement Contractor

The right commercial contractor can help estimate project costs and find areas where you can save, while sticking to budgets and timelines. When you choose contractors who are inexperienced with commercial jobs, you will generally find they have committed to more than they can chew and may even decide to extend the time and budget. Or you might have to redo shoddy workmanship yourself.

Your Local Tenant Improvement Company

In the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area, Premiere Works is your commercial contracting company to rely on for a quality project done by professionals. Our team has the industry skills and experience to perform a commercial project like tenant improvement right the first time, on a budget.

Our company employs a team of subcontractors that we manage for you. Our qualifications include an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and memberships in the Society for Protective Coatings and Painting and the Decorating Contractors of America.

We perform the following tenant improvement projects:

  • Replacing or installing carpeting or other flooring
  • Performing electrical or plumbing work
  • Painting or replacing wallpaper
  • Upgrading fixtures in the bathroom
  • Making repairs
  • Additional services

Contact us for a free estimate through our website form or by calling (202) 966-0090.



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