Update Your Workspace With These Top Trends In Commercial Flooring

Whether or not your Washington DC area business needs new flooring — it’s time to consider an update. New flooring trends can make maintenance easier on your company and help you create the right look and atmosphere within your workspace. Here are some options that work in a variety of industries:  

Try New Trends in Tile 

Instead of covering your floor with a solid piece of carpet, which can look a little boring, try the new carpet tile trend. This method uses small pieces of carpet arranged similarly to other types of tile. This look adds interest to your room, and it provides style options so you can create a unique design that fits your business’s logo or brand style.

Carpet tile provides many practical advantages for businesses. It buffers noise within your workplace — also, if part of your carpeting gets stained or ripped, it’s easier to replace a few tiles than fix an entire carpet. What’s more, carpet tile performs well in commercial settings and is simple for a business to maintain.

Another upcoming trend is luxury vinyl tile, which works well for high-traffic settings. Like carpet tile, this option is easy to take care of, allowing you to customize your floor’s design. This durable flooring option prevents damage you could expect in a wood floor, such as scratches and dents. In addition, you can choose from unique designs — since the tiles can be printed with a stone look or other options.

Consider Rubber

Rubber is another choice on the rise. For commercial settings, this flooring type offers simple maintenance, especially since you only need to polish it instead of stripping and rewaxing. In addition, it’s durable for settings with a lot of traffic, it tempers sound and it resists conditions such as slipping, water and heat. Like tile, you can create many stylish designs with rubber flooring.

Think Green

Aside from the style of flooring, most designers and companies are interested in the flooring’s environmentally friendly features. Consider using the FloorScore, which shows how the flooring will affect indoor air quality. Manufacturers have also been recycling flooring and creating flooring options made with sustainable resources. Some environmentally friendly materials to consider include:

  • Sustainable cork
  • Renewable bamboo
  • Reclaimed wood instead of new hardwood flooring  

Your Local Commercial Flooring Company 

If you’re ready to follow these flooring trends for your business in the Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington DC area, count on Premiere Works for your flooring installation. Our commercial flooring company will send our service technicians to remove your current floor and replace it with the flooring of your choice. You can let us know the type of flooring you decided on, or we can provide samples for you to see what’s available. We offer some of the major flooring trends, including:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl composition tile
  • Commercial carpet

Our company can handle commercial jobs of any size. If you’re worried about the flooring remodel getting in the way of your business, choose our off-hours option, where we’ll work on your flooring outside your regular business hours.