What does Commercial Handyman Services Include?

What image comes to your mind when you think of a handyman? If you visualize an individual with a varied set of construction-related skills riding around in a pickup truck doing small jobs, you are partly right. The services that a handyman can provide vary widely, but their expertise is suitable for individual and commercial-size projects. The following are just a few examples of D.C. commercial handyman services.

Concrete Services

Walkways, steps, floors, and walls have something in common–they require concrete. Concrete installation and repair requires specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure the outcome is visually appealing and stable. They must also meet the exact specifications of the business and any state inspector codes. Since cement jobs are very common for commercial businesses, individuals that provide handyman services are typically highly trained in this area.

Door Replacement and Repair

The condition of the doors in a commercial establishment is particularly important for two reasons: (1) they are the entry and exit points into the business, and (2) they keep the facility secure after business hours. Handyman services for doors can include evaluation (what type of door is best?), installation, and repair.

Counter Maintenance

Maintaining the condition of any countertops in a business is another important task that falls under handyman services. In addition to providing routine care to keep these areas in top shape, a handyman can look for ways to gain the most longevity. Making sure there is adequate caulking, and that it seals in moisture is just one of the services that a handyman can perform to maintain countertops.

Drywall Installation and Repair

New and renovation construction projects are common for businesses, and typically involve work on the interior walls. Installation is a frequent task, but these services may also include drywall repair and restoration. An example is a business whose building has suffered water or mold damage after a flood or serious water leak.

Insulation Installation

Insulation is a basic necessity of any structure, and another common handyman service. However, it’s not enough just to have it installed. Commercial businesses can also employ handyman services to ensure that all insulation is energy efficient, safe, and helps to maintain good air quality.

Final Thoughts

The really good news about handyman services is that in addition to handling jobs of just about every size for individuals and commercial businesses, they also offer personal services and their fees tend to be more reasonable. Larger companies that provide these services often rotate their employees as needs arise, so becoming personal with customers is not as common. Since they have more overhead, the fees they charge are typically higher. Commercial handyman services are also a good idea when a business doesn’t need a regular staff member to do the work.