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Alexandria VAOwning commercial property in Alexandria, Virginia can be a rewarding experience. You are providing housing units for tenants or leased property to stores and other businesses. Yet the upkeep of maintenance and addressing building problems can put a strain on both your finances and your time. From fixing leaking pipes to regular landscaping maintenance, it gets difficult to do the work yourself and costly when hiring help that aren't experts in the trade.

Premiere Works is a full-service facility management company aimed at providing commercial contracting services to commercial building owners and property managers. No longer ignore the ringing phone from a tenant complaining about a backed-up sink or a store owner griping about the flickering lights. Tell them the work will be done quickly and expertly. Then give Premiere Works a call.

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Alexandria, VA Building Services Offered By Premiere Works

From large renovation projects to small one-time handyman services, Premiere Works has a staff of commercial contractors on hand to provide you with immediate building services done right the first time. Our list of Alexandria, Virginia commercial building services include, but are not limited to:

Commercial Contracting

Let us fix all those minor and major problems that can crop up at a moment's notice. We can also install building upgrades to get your commercial property in tip-top condition. Let us move water pipes during renovations, place in new wiring or change out old aluminum siding.

Building Maintenance

Some building tasks need to be fixed and maintained on a regular schedule. Having a building that looks great all year round is what Premiere Works provides to all types of commercial business owners.

Office Renovations And Tenant Improvements

Complete those renovations and apartment add-ons that will bring in the office leasers and tenants. An upgraded look to an office or tenant unit allows you to raise rental fees due to the newer materials and utilities added. Tenant improvements can consist of bathroom fixture upgrades, lighting installations, door replacement, carpet removal and other services. Office renovation can include commercial building updates, wall coverings, commercial flooring, tile installation, and upgraded utilities such as electrical and plumbing work.

Exterior Repair and Maintenance

Have the outside of your building look as great as the inside. First impressions count when trying to attract companies and tenants to lease your building. Premiere Works provides landscaping maintenance, roof repairs, gutter cleanings, snow removal and exterior restoration for older buildings.

Handyman Services

The minute something happens in the building you need fast service to fix the problem. You also don't want to contact different professionals with varying times on when they can get the work completed. Handyman services we offer will address the immediate problems your office or building tenants have such as electrical work, door and buzzer repair, lighting issues, insulation installation, plumbing issues and water remediation.

Commercial Construction

Occasionally the building may need light commercial construction work such as adding drywall, commercial flooring installation and repair, bathroom upgrades, restroom restoration and other light construction services. We provide these services and many others to get the building to how you want it to look.

Contact us today at Premiere Works to find out how we can help you maintain your commercial building in Alexandria, Virginia. Whether you are requesting one-time work or scheduled maintenance service, our professional commercial contractors are on call to help.

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