Fairfax, VA Contractor / Handyman

Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs done on your commercial property, Premiere Works can assist you. Our company has been handling facility maintenance, construction and tenant improvement services in Fairfax, VA for several years. We understand how important it is to keep your commercial property in the best shape possible and have problems taken care of quickly. We offer a variety of maintenance, repair and construction services to fit your needs.

Construction and Renovation Services

Our construction services include light construction, general contracting, office renovation and tenant improvements. As general contractors, we’ll oversee any projects you’re having done on your property. For light construction, we can do a variety of projects where only minor changes are needed, such as bathroom upgrades. When it comes to larger projects, such as office renovation, we will oversee and handle all the tasks involved and ensure that the project is completed on time. Our wide range of tenant improvement services in Fairfax should cover any work you need done to keep your tenants happy. These services include carpet removal, lighting installation, door replacement and bathroom fixture upgrades.

Maintenance and Repair Services 

At Premiere Works, we understand the importance of having routine maintenance done. We also know how essential it is to have repairs performed quickly and efficiently. Our maintenance and repair services include handyman services, such as drywall installation, water barrier installation and utility access. We also handle building maintenance, including structural work and electrical work. For major problems, such as extensive water damage, we provide water remediation services. 

Interior Services

We know that keeping your commercial property looking good is highly important, and that’s why we offer outstanding interior services. These include commercial flooring installation, wall coverings and painting. We can install several types of floors, including concrete, wood and commercial tile. For wall coverings, we offer different services that will help reduce the risk of damage and keep your walls looking as good as new. These services include drywall restoration, faux finishes, molding replacement and protective wall coatings. Our painting services include wall and ceiling painting, electrostatic painting and specialized coating.

Plumbing and Electrical Services

Plumbing and electrical problems can potentially cause extensive damage to your property, and the installation of these services requires the right skills and experience. We can handle all of your plumbing and electrical needs, including fixture installation, outlet installation, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs and custom wiring. Don’t take risks with these projects. Let our plumbing and electrical specialists handle them instead.

Outdoor Services

We can also ensure that the outside of your building and property looks well maintained. We offer a range of exterior maintenance services, including roofing, wall and siding repair. We also provide landscaping services, such as weeding and hardscapes, which will help your property make a good impression on visitors. In addition, we offer snow removal, which helps maintain safer walkways for tenants and visitors.

Keep Premiere Works in mind when you need maintenance, repair and tenant improvement services in Fairfax.