General Contractors in Manassas, VA Simplify Building Management

When you need work done on your business or housing property in Manassas, Virginia, you need to hire and manage contractors to perform the work. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and energy away from your day-to-day work duties to manage contractors, and they are not always reliable from start to finish. That's where a commercial contractor comes in. Manassas, VA commercial contractors can manage the project for you, taking it off your hands and ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

What Manassas, VA Commercial Contractors Can Do for Your Business

Commercial contractors are much more reliable than independent craftsmen and handymen. This is especially important since you have a business you need to keep on track with continuous project needs.


General contractors oversee the subcontractors and make sure they are performing a high quality of work. They ensure that the job stays on track and on deadline, taking the hassle away from you. If there is a problem with a subcontractor, the general contractor will take care of it and get the job back on course. If necessary, they will find a new subcontractor for the job.

Choose Premiere Works as Your General Contractors in Manassas, VA

Premiere Works is a local company that serves Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland. While you would have to find different workers for each type of job at your workplace or housing property, we have a staff of subcontractors for every type of job. We can send a builder to handle construction, an electrician to work on wiring, a plumber for your pipes, a landscaper to beautify your exterior and numerous other craftsmen and handymen. Our team can handle one-time jobs and ongoing or long-term projects.


Premiere Works began as a commercial painting company and grew over time into other areas due to our clients' needs and trust in us. At this point, we keep an array of craftsmen on staff so we can take care of nearly any type of job. We believe in timeliness, quality and professionalism with each job, which has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Also, our company is a member of Decorating Contractors of America and the Society for Protective Coatings and Painting.

Our Commercial Contracting Services

Premiere Works offers:



Do you need a different type of service? If so, contact us and most likely we can do it for you.

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If you have an unexpected problem or you need continuous maintenance or repair services, Premiere Works can handle your needs. For a free estimate and to discuss your project, contact us through the form on our website or by calling (202) 966-0090.