Springfield, VA Contractor / Handyman

Premiere Works provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for commercial properties in the Springfield, VA area. With our help, you won’t have to worry about hiring several different contractors and repair companies. We offer general contracting, building maintenance, office renovation and tenant improvement services in Springfield. Learn a bit more about our services, so you’ll see what we mean about being able to handle all of your repair and maintenance projects.

General Contracting

Our general contracting services include bringing older buildings up to code, installing exterior siding, fixing tile floors and painting. 

Tenant Improvement

We offer a broad range of tenant improvement services in Springfield to improve your property’s value and appearance. These services include wall repair, carpet installation, door replacement, lighting installation and bathroom fixture upgrades.

Building Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps keep your property in excellent condition. The maintenance services we provide include structural work, exterior work, flooring, plumbing and electrical work. 

Office Renovation

Premiere Works can take care of your office renovation needs. Whether you need new walls, flooring, insulation, plumbing fixtures, drop ceilings or electrical wiring, we can tackle the entire project.

Snow Removal

Our company offers a reliable snow removal service that’s available 24/7. We thoroughly clear parking lots, walkways, entryways and stairwells, so your property is safe for visitors and tenants.

Wall Coverings

We provide several wall covering services, including drywall installation, trim replacement, bracket installation, water and smoke restoration, faux finishes and protective wall coatings. 


We can take care of any plumbing issues you have or any plumbing installation work you need done. We can install fixtures and pipes, resize restrooms and kitchens and do renovations. 


Our electrical specialists can handle all of your electrical work, from running custom wiring to fixing circuitry or connections. We can also install and connect switches, move heavy electrical items and install outlets. 


With Premiere Works, the outside of your property will make a great impression on visitors and tenants. We offer several landscaping services, including excavation, landscape design, planting and irrigation.

Handyman Services

Our commercial handyman services include wall and counter repair, concrete and slate installation, water barriers, utility access and wall talkers.

Light Construction

We can take care of your light construction projects, such as bathroom improvements and office build-outs, to improve the look and functionality of your commercial space.


At Premiere Works, we provide a variety of exterior maintenance services. These include siding demolition, concrete facade repairs, stucco facade repairs, siding repairs and gutter cleaning.

Commercial Flooring

We can install and repair commercial floors made from several different materials, including wood, concrete, tile and VCT. 


Our company offers interior and exterior painting services ranging from ceiling painting to electro-static painting.

Water Remediation

We can take care of water damage with our water remediation services, which include fixing drywall, replacing carpeting, patching up roofing and sealing window frames.

Give us a call the next time you need routine maintenance, repairs or tenant improvement services in Springfield, VA.