Commercial Porcelain Tile Flooring Installation In Washington, DC 

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Tile flooring is a smart choice to consider in your business setting, it can help withstand foot traffic and other conditions in commercial areas, while enhancing the appearance and function of your business location. Read below to learn more about commercial applications, benefits and installation information for ceramic and porcelain tile flooring. 

What Will Commercial Tile Flooring Do For Your Business?

Tile flooring has the strength and durability that can handle heavy traffic in commercial settings. Benefits of commercial ceramic flooring and porcelain flooring include:

Where to Install Tile Flooring in Business Settings

There are many commercial applications for porcelain and ceramic tile flooring. This strong and long-lasting type of floor can fit a variety of settings because of its characteristics. Tile flooring can be installed in the following environments:

Why You Need a Professional to Install the Tile Flooring in Your Business

When you hire a professional to install your company’s tile flooring, you will benefit from a quick and simple installation due to a professional’s years of experience and skill with the process. When the installation goes as smoothly as possible, it will reduce disruptions to your business operations. You will also have a floor that’s installed in the right way to provide a safe environment for personnel using the floor on a daily basis.

In addition, some of the benefits of tile flooring, such as its ability to withstand moisture, are not as effective unless the tile is properly installed. When a skilled professional performs the job, you can be sure you’ll receive every benefit of this type of flooring. Plus, there are different types of tile, so an expert can recommend the right type for your specific needs.

Washington DC Ceramic Tile Installation

When your business is looking into a professional flooring contractor in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia or Maryland area for a ceramic or porcelain tile flooring installation, you need one you can rely on for a quality job. Our flooring experts are certified contractors who have the experience with commercial flooring jobs that enables them to provide a quality outcome on a deadline. 


Premiere works has a great reputation in the area for outstanding work and customer service. Our top-notch professionals work to minimize the impact of our installation to your business — even offering the option of off-hours work. These business methods have consistently earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If your company is considering tile flooring for your facility, contact us at Premiere Works to learn more. 


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