Choose An Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Washington, DC Commercial Facility


When your Washington DC area business is ready for new flooring for its facility, consider epoxy flooring. This heavy-duty flooring works well for commercial and industrial settings where it will face a lot of use and abuse. Wondering if epoxy flooring is right for your business? Take a look at the guide below:

Why Could Commercial Epoxy Flooring Be the Right Choice?

In commercial and industrial settings, the flooring must withstand the constant abuse of foot traffic, furniture and equipment. It might face carts and machinery moving across the floor on a daily basis. An epoxy floor coating installed over concrete can handle this abuse with its strength and durability. Its many benefits to commercial and industrial settings include the following:

Which Business Environments Will Benefit From Epoxy Flooring?

This type of dependable flooring works in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. These are just some potential applications:

Have a Professional Install the Epoxy Flooring in Your Business Setting

It’s important to rely on the skill and experience of a professional to install the epoxy flooring in your facility. A professional has the expertise to install it easily, safely and quickly — minimizing the disruption to your business. He/she will ensure that it is installed properly to work effectively for your commercial or industrial uses, and to provide a safe environment for employees, clients and customers. 

Washington DC Epoxy Flooring Installation 

If your business is located in Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington DC, you can rely on the experience and professionalism of Premiere Works for your commercial or industrial epoxy flooring installation. You will have the knowledge and protection of a certified contractor performing the job right; our company employs skilled workers with plenty of experience in commercial flooring and other types of commercial maintenance. 

At Premiere Works, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer service, professionalism and skilled workmanship to every business we work with. We meet your deadlines, even providing off-hours work if it helps your business. These business tenets have earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a quality reputation in the area. 

If you are interested in a professional epoxy flooring installation for your business, contact us for more information. 

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