Consider Commercial Rubber Flooring For Your Washington, DC Business


Countless businesses have discovered the benefits of rubber flooring in their commercial and industrial facilities. In addition to its other benefits, its ability to handle heavy abuse makes it the right fit for many business sites. Read the guide below to decide if rubber flooring is the right choice for your business needs:

Which Business Settings Benefit From Rubber Flooring? 

Rubber flooring has proven itself useful in a variety of commercial and industrial environments because of its numerous benefits. For instance, in restaurant kitchens where there are spills and workers standing for hours, rubber provides slip resistance, moisture resistance and cushioning. These are a sampling of the settings that benefit from installing this type of flooring:

• Warehouses
• All-purpose areas
• Schools & child care facilities
• Gyms
• Retail stores

• Garages & hangars
• Institutions
• Office spaces
• Manufacturing & distributing areas
• Rental properties  
• Bars
• Areas with high amounts of moisture
• Restaurant kitchens
• Health care settings
• Areas with a lot of use & traffic


Why Should Your Company Consider Rubber Flooring? 

Various types of commercial and industrial businesses need flooring that can handle wear and tear, and that is comfortable for personnel who stand for long periods of time. Rubber fits the bill with its strength and cushioning. It’s can also handle many of the specific needs of certain businesses, such as wet environments and heavy loads. Other perks include:

Choose a Professional Contractor for Your Commercial Rubber Flooring Installation

 Especially with commercial jobs, it’s important to have a flooring professional perform the work. A professional has the knowledge, skills and experience to execute the job correctly and efficiently. This will ensure that your company doesn’t waste time or deal with unnecessary interruptions to your business operations. Also, a professional will perform the work safely, and create a secure base for your customers, clients and employees to walk on for a long time to come. 

Work With Your Local Flooring Experts

Premiere Works is a facility management company with a team of Washington DC rubber flooring experts who can perform the installation in your business facility. When you choose our company, you benefit from the knowledge and skills of a certified flooring contractor and the quality customer service our employees provide. Our company has formed a high reputation in the area through our years of experience, in addition to the quality of our work in commercial flooring and other types of commercial maintenance.

Is your Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia business looking into new flooring for your facility? Rely on our local company’s expertise and experience in commercial work to perform the job correctly and on time. Contact us to learn more about our rubber flooring installation and repair services. 


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