Commercial Wood Flooring

Serving Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

There are few styles that can match the wow factor of a well-done commercial wood floor. This versatile style can be made to look modern, traditional, or anywhere in between and can maintain its beauty even in high-traffic areas. Like any flooring, though, it does require maintenance from time to time, and that’s where Premiere Works comes in.

We repair and install both solid and engineered wood, including:

Whether you need a small patch replaced, a complete sand down and refinish, or installation of brand new wood flooring, Premiere Works can help. Our technicians are experts in the field and understand the unique requirements of different types and designs of wood floors. For repair jobs, we easily blend any patches flawlessly into the rest of the floor for a seamless look even with uniquely patterned wood species. Whether it’s a floating, nail down, staple down, or glue down type of installation, we know how to do it right regardless of the subfloor so you can enjoy maximum durability and lasting beauty. Plus, we’ll get it done quickly.

We can even help with subfloor repairs, water damage, or other issues that can arise when replacing or repairing flooring. For example, we can repair concrete subfloor damage and level it to ensure stability and durability. When we’re all finished, we completely clean the workspace and leave you with nothing but a beautiful new wood floor.

For more information on commercial wood flooring repair and installation from Premiere Works, or any of our other flooring options and building maintenance services, please contact us today.


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