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It's difficult to put together a comprehensive list of construction services because that list would be extremely long. Instead, we'll just provide you with some examples of commercial construction in Washington DC services that we've performed in surrounding areas and ask that you contact us with inquiries about any projects that might not be shown here. Chances are, we can handle them.

From the common areas to locker room facilities, our construction projects involve many different materials and specialties. We will work with ownership to design or redesign facilities based on the owner's specifications and tastes. All of the necessary steps are taken to ensure the hardware, fixtures and cosmetic touches work in unison to create a functional, durable facility.

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Examples of Commercial Construction

Bathrooms Improvements- An increased attention to the appearance of their bathrooms and stalls has led a number of commercial building owners to request bathroom renovations. Livening up a bathroom space may be as simple as replacing the existing fixtures, applying commercial-grade paint and electrostatically painting the stalls. Countertops, sinks, toilets and tile can all be changed subject to the intentions of the contracting building owners, and electrical light fixtures are also candidates for change in these jobs.

Commercial Office Renovation - We've renovated, built out, and added on to offices in the Washington DC, NoVA, and Maryland areas. Often times office spaces are just a big open area that needs a fit out with rooms and walls put up. We offer professional commercial office build outs for offices in the area as well as other types of commercial properties.

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