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Do you need an electrical specialist to handle any of your commercial building's day-to-day needs? Whether you need outlets installed, light fixtures replaced or wiring re-strung, we can provide solutions to any basic or advanced electrical problems you might run into. In a commercial building with offices and retail stores, electrical problems can crop up at the most unexpected times. These problems may require immediate treatment. The best solution is simply to develop a lasting relationship with an electrical handyman who engineer solutions as the need arises.

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Commercial Electrical Repair Services in Washington DC & Surrounding

As the manager or owner of the building, you should provide a trustworthy contact for retailers and office managers to contact if any problems arise. Otherwise, you run the risk of your tenants calling someone you can't trust to muck around in the inner electrical workings of your building. This could end up costing you an exorbitant amount that you simply don't have to spend. That's where we come in. Set up an account with us, and we can be at your location within hours to solve any electrical issues you or your tenants might have. This way, tenants don't even have to call you when a problem arises.

If you manage multiple buildings, a dedicated electrical handyman can assist with the movement of sensitive instruments from one building to another. Most businesses, especially modern offices, require a variety of company-specific electrical solutions for their office or retail spaces. By hiring someone who can develop a trust relationship with you and an understanding of your buildings' physical spaces, tenants will reap the benefits of quick, thorough and efficient installation of wiring and equipment. You will reap the benefits of this too, as your tenants advertise our services in conjunction with your lease.

Whether you need some outlets moved, an A/V system installed, or some light fixtures replaced. We have the expertise to complete your electrical project on time and within budget.

By using us as your go-to electrical guys, you get the full benefits of a hired specialist handyman without having to keep a full time handyman on your payroll. Give us a call or send us an email today for a quote or to set up an appointment! 

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