Professional Concrete Facade Repairs

In Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Whether you’re trying to attract tenants or impress guests, the exterior of your building gives you a chance to make a great first impression, and concrete facades can provide a durable, versatile and stylish way to do so. As with any exterior, though, they do require some maintenance, as they can become damaged due to inclement weather or simple wear and tear.

In fact, a cracked concrete façade can become more than just an aesthetic issue, since it can let water seep in and damage the structure underneath. The longer it’s left to sit, the worse it will get, especially during wintertime when water fills the cracks, freezes, and breaks them open wider. Thankfully, you can prevent all of this with prompt, professional concrete façade repairs from Premiere Works.

Our exteriors experts are highly trained to evaluate and restore concrete facades, and they can repair anything from a few minor cracks to entire missing sections. Detail-oriented yet fast, they’re true professionals and can work at the times that are most convenient to you to avoid disrupting your or your tenants’ schedules. When they’re done, they thoroughly clean the work site so you don’t have to worry about broken pieces of concrete on the ground or any other clutter.

In addition to repairing concrete, we also offer a number of other exterior services, including siding demolition and repair, EIFS and stucco repair, brick repair, and more. In fact, we do everything from facade renovations to cleaning gutters, so whatever you need for your commercial building, inside or out, you can count on Premiere Works to get it done quickly and correctly.

Bring your façade back to its former glory with concrete façade repairs from Premiere Works. For more information or a quote, or to learn more about any of our building maintenance services, please contact us today.


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