Brick Tuck Pointing, Mortar Repair, Brick Repair 

Whether you’re worried about structural integrity, looks, or both, if your building’s facade is fading, it’s essential to have it repaired as soon as possible. Before water gets past the mortar and into the wall, fixes are infinitely easier, faster, and less expensive, and taking preventative measures can save you both time and stress. If water does get in, however, bricks can crack, split, and even come out of the facade, and this can be hastened by cold weather conditions when the water freezes in all those little cracks.

Serving the DC Metro Area: Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

As common as the need for brick tuck pointing and other brick and mortar repair is, it still takes a considerable amount of skill. Premiere Work’s professional exterior repair technicians have the expertise and tools to repair your brick and mortar for the best in both form and function. Not only are our experts able to quickly fix visible existing issues, but they can accurately identify the extent and depth of the damage, which is often difficult to see in older buildings, and proactively address potential complications to ensure the facade is completely repaired and avoid future issues. Plus, they know how to blend the new mortar into the old for a more uniform exterior appearance.

For more information on brick tuck pointing, mortar repair, brick repair, or any of our exterior repair services, contact Premiere Works today. In addition to these services, we provide full-service building maintenance, and we can help you with every aspect of maintaining your facility, from a small water leak to a complete office renovation, tenant improvements, painting, snow removal, and more. Just one call to Premiere Works and all your building problems will be solved quickly and effectively so you can get back to business.


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