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Whether you have one building or hundreds, managing commercial properties isn’t easy. Between maintenance issues, tenant complaints and building upgrades, you have plenty to keep yourself busy, just responding to problems as they come up. What you need is the help of commercial handymen from a company like Premiere Works.

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Why Premiere Works?

Our experienced professionals can do anything from creating wall talkers to installing concrete. Throughout the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia areas, we’re your resource for all kinds of commercial building support.

Our handyman services include:

  • Wall Talkers
  • Drywall
  • Doors
  • Water Barriers
  • Wall & Counter Repair
  • Utility Access
  • Concrete and Slate Installation
  • Storage Room Layout
  • Blown-In Insulation

Wall Talkers
- For commercial office building owners who strive to keep their conference rooms highly functional and flexible enough to accommodate many different types of meetings, wall talkers are the ideal solution. Covering walls in whiteboard material with ledges installed for the storage of pens and other accessories helps those using the room to draw out ideas and plans with maximum visibility to those attending a presentation. Properly constructing wall talkers can be difficult, leaving a choppy, disjointed appearance when installations aren't handled professionally.

Drywall - Simple drywall installations can be completed quickly to change the appearance or floor plan of an interior space. Our commercial handyman team can handle requests for hanging and finishing drywall in quick turnaround leaving clients with a clean, finished end result.

Doors - Door repair and replacement for residential doors, commercial doors and dividers are important jobs for a client's functional needs and security. Door maintenance in the form of fixing and installing kick plates and hinges, replacement for doors that were irreparably damaged and installation of handicap buttons for automatic doors are all services we can handle. Soundproof Herculite glass doors and dividers for office settings are a common request to enhance privacy in conferences and meetings.

Water Barriers - Commercial building owners with many tenants will benefit most from the construction of water barriers to prevent water from leaking into halls and other units. Any water that backs up from one unit and spills over into another could ruin the leasing and rental arrangements of an entire building. Water barriers - in many forms - prevent water from doing extensive damage before it's discovered and dealt with.

Wall & Counter Repair - Working to repair commercial sinks and walls, while installing the necessary water-sealing and backsplash pieces, is an important part of maintenance for building owners. Backsplashes in particular eliminate the need to paint walls repeatedly with a polymix for sealing and protection. Caulking and sealing a backsplash matched to the counter and commercial sink installations is aesthetically appealing and holds up against repeated use.

Utility Access - Access to fan coils and other utility systems is important for building engineers and facilities personnel for service and inspection. Cutting access panels is a job that may involve working through heavy materials such as cinder block and courses of commercial stone. Getting holes created for each of the units must be handled to the extent that an individual can comfortably gain access.

Concrete and Slate Installation - Materials that have degraded to the extent they must be replaced and new installations for commercial buildings are regular requests involving concrete and slate. Wheelchair access ramps, slate tiles on an interior or exterior and small concrete pours that wouldn't require involvement of a major contractor are all jobs we can complete efficiently and with quality attention to detail. Concrete and slate installations on a building are pieces that may come to the attention of an inspector checking code.

Storage Room Layout - With a combination of electrical, drywall, water barrier and door installation, we can redesign and construct nearly any storage room space to accommodate an increase in units or the changed location of a storage room. Commercial building owners who are attempting to expand a tenant's living space into adjoining storage, for example, could have us divide the existing space and move electric fixtures for a finished product.

Blown-in Insulation - Blown-in insulation serves dual purposes for commercial building owners who have experienced some form of animal infestation or damage in the past. Aside from its obvious function as insulating for climate control, blown-in insulation can keep any animal damage at bay by preventing critters from getting into the spaces in walls, ceilings and floors.

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