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Commercial Wall Coverings

Are you in need of a general handyman to help you deal with issues related to your building’s walls, carpentry or other interior structural elements? From wallpaper to drywall to vinyl to wood to Venetian plaster and more, tenants tend to want their interior walls to be just right. This can put strain on a property manager, especially when trying to operate within the owner’s guidelines for the space. The solution for this problem is to hire develop a relationship with an interior specialist who knows all of the details about your building’s condition and needs, who will then be able to consult directly with tenants to solve their wall issues.

  • Painting and faux finishes, including Venetian plaster
  • Other forms of protective wall coating
  • And much more!

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Walls are tricky beasts when it comes to making them do what you want. They may seem simple, but if you've ever tried to install a flat panel television, cabinet, mural or other material element into the wall, you know it's anything but easy. You have to figure out how the wall is supported, where to find the studs, whether you can even use the wall to hang on, etc. before you can safely put something up on the wall. This can make all the little tasks seem monumental. If you or your tenants have a vision for how your commercial building space should look, we can make that vision a reality. Our specialty in the wall covering field is to provide solutions at low cost that produce big visual results.

Our Technicians Handle the Toughest Wall Covering Repairs

For instance, we recently just finished restoring wallpaper at a hotel that was damaged by leaks. Instead of replacing all the wallpaper in the building at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, we found some of the old paper in the basement, cut out the damaged portions of the wall and redid them to look as if they'd never been damaged. The cost was under $1500.

Walls are among the most common things a maintenance professional has to deal with. From replacing trim for picky tenants to spackling and painting walls after someone moves out, there's always something that needs doing to keep the walls perfect. By keeping our number handy and giving it to your commercial tenants, you can avoid having to keep a full-time maintenance guy on staff. At a fraction of the cost, you only have to give us a call when you or your tenants need something done. Through our repeated work, we will develop an understanding of the age and composition of your building or buildings, and this will further improve our ability to help you solve whatever wall issues you might have.

If you're looking for a handyman to keep your commercial building in working order, but don't want to keep the handyman on payroll, consider getting in touch with us. We'll make sure everything in your building is ship-shape at a fraction of the cost. Call or email us for a quote or to schedule an appointment to view your property today!

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