Drywall Installation, Restoration And Repair

Serving Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland

Commercial Drywall Installation and Repair

With a commitment to quality as well as efficiency, Premiere Works offers fast, affordable and professional drywall installation, repair, and restoration services. Our technicians excel in creating or maintaining the specific style that you or your tenant wants for the walls while also staying within your budget.

Drywall Installation Services

For complete installations, we can help you source quality materials and install it without disrupting your business’s normal operations by working after hours. Experienced in serving projects including new construction, building renovation, tenant improvements, and more, we can work side-by-side with electricians and other contractors, or include drywall installation as part of a complete solution for building renovation and repair. And, since we also offer many other types of wall coverings, you can have us take care of the entire structure’s interior walls, regardless of covering, promptly and professionally.

Drywall Repair and Restoration

Whether your drywall has sustained water damage, mildew growth, or a complete break, the experts at Premiere Works can repair it quickly and work around your schedule to do so. Our drywall installation and repair techs have worked with drywall in various thicknesses and conditions, and they can ensure a seamless visual flow with the room’s other panels regardless of the existing style. Because our techs are so experienced and we put such a premium on cost-efficient service, they are often able to make very precise yet invisible repairs rather than replacing an entire panel.

In addition to fixing or replacing drywall, our handymen can also make minor repairs and other updates in the same visit. Whether it’s a plumbing leak, broken lighting fixture, flooring repair, or any other issue, you can get it taken care of with just a single call to Premiere Works.

If you’d like more information on our drywall installation, restoration, and repair services, or any of our building maintenance services, contact Premiere Works today.


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