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Need someone you can call to handle any water damage that might occur in your commercial building? When walls, carpets, electronics or other elements of your office or retail space are damaged by leaks or flooding, it is your responsibility as a building manager to ensure that tenants get prompt, courteous repair service for their workspaces. Water damage can range from mild to serious, and it is always important to fix it as soon as possible, if only to maintain your property values. The most efficient solution to this problem is to have the telephone number of a commercial water damage restoration specialist on hand for emergencies.

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Water Damage Repair in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

From carpets to walls to ceilings and more, we provide total coverage for any part of your building that gets damaged. Just let us know what you need fixed or have one of your tenants call us, and we’ll be by within the hour to assess the situation. When we’re done with repairing the water damage, you’ll actually be thanking the rainstorm or snowstorm that did this to your building. It’ll look as though you got a renovation – an upgrade. From repainting to re-carpeting to performing exterior repairs, our water damage specialists know how to remove stains, dry out material and replace what can’t be restored.

Furthermore, one of the major benefits of having a single trusted water damage specialist on call for whenever you have an emergency is that your trusted specialist will be able to work around your office’s schedule. While the average yahoo in the phone book may strictly only work from nine to five, we are flexible enough not to interfere with your office or retail tenants’ workdays. We do a lot of water damage repair at night when nobody is working or moving around the building. This is especially necessary as we are exceedingly thorough in our water damage repairs. Our water damage contractors pull up carpet, replace drywall, seal windows and doors, and help to teach you or your tenants preventative measures to keep tragedies from happening in the future.

Water damage is a pain for any building manager or owner to have to deal with, especially if you are looking after other buildings or don’t live and work on site. After a storm, you may not even know the state of your building. However, if you develop a steady business relationship with a water damage restoration company like us, you won’t have to. All you’ll have to do is give us a call and we’ll inspect the place to determine if anything needs fixing. It’s like having a full-time handyman on payroll without the constant costs.

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