Annandale, VA Commercial Contractor / Handyman


Commercial Contracting Services For Annandale, VA Building Owners

Whether you own commercial real estate to lease to businesses in the downtown Annandale area or manage rental property in this city in Virginia, you need reliable facility maintenance services. For these reasons, more building and property owners are seeking out the expert handyman and contractor services provided by Premiere Works.

Have Premiere Works immediately address the plumbing problem flooding the office basement or paint the walls in the apartment unit before the new tenants arrive. Reliable facility management requires a company who has commercial contractors available in every building maintenance field to address different problems or renovation projects that might crop up. Going with a single company who can provide these services is more cost effective than hiring several different companies with varying charges that can dig into your building maintenance budget.

Premiere Works Facility Management Services In Annandale, VA

Whether you are looking for specialized work or commercial contracting services, Premiere Works is your full-service facility management company to handle your building maintenance. We have an experienced team of commercial contractors working in our company so you can receive the one-on-one expert services for the project at hand. We have painters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and builders ready to dispatch to your building location for emergency service and for regular scheduled maintenance. Services we provide include:

Office Renovation and Tenant Unit Improvement: Outdated buildings won't attract business clients to lease space there or tenants to rent an apartment. Upgrade the look of your Annandale building with office renovation and tenant unit improvements and you’ll have people rushing to sign a lease.

Landscaping: Make the property around the building look as beautiful as the building itself with landscaping maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance: Let's not forget the exterior of the building — we can clean the gutters, repair roofs, replace siding and provide window installation or repair.

Handyman Services and Building Maintenance: Your building in Annandale may need one-time handyman services for a variety of issues, and we are there to provide immediate repair or installation work. We also offer scheduled building maintenance to maintain the property year-round.

Commercial Construction: commercial contracting services can range in a broad spectrum of work to get your building up to par for office leasers and apartment dwellers.

Commercial Flooring: We provide all commercial flooring installation and repair options for carpeting, wood, vinyl, tile, stone and concrete.

Painting and Wall Coverings: For high traffic businesses and apartment rentals, painting and wall coverings can instantly spruce up a room.

Plumbing and Water Remediation: We can install pipe work or repair plumbing issues in bathrooms and kitchens for apartments and offices. Premiere Works also has water remediation services for flooding problems and drain water backup issues.

Electrical: Our electricians can repair and install electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, electrical connections and switches.

Snow Removal: In the winter, we remove snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and front and back entrances.

Contact us here at Premiere Works today to get a free estimate for the work project in your commercial building. We can further discuss the services we provide so you get exactly what you need to maintain a safe and beautiful building.