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Business owners run more than just their office. They are also in charge of the maintenance of the building in which the offices are located. Yet very few people will see the business owner up on a ladder painting the walls in the reception hall, fixing the leaking pipe on the break room faucet or cleaning the outdoor windows. When it comes to the commercial repairs and emergency services, Chevy Chase, MD commercial contractors are called to handle the task.

Chevy Chase MDBusiness owners are seeing the benefits of working directly with commercial facility maintenance management companies versus individual repair shops. If a water pipe breaks in the restroom and the water damages wall coverings, floors and painted walls, the owners don’t want to spend all their time on the phone contacting multiple painters, plumbers and flooring companies to get the best quote. They would rather call one management company who has a full staff of painters, plumbers and other craftsmen to come to the office building and perform the repairs quickly and professionally. By having a facility maintenance management company handling the problem, the business can shorten the downtime of operations and focus attention on running the business.

Why Does Premiere Works Offer Full-Service Commercial Facility Maintenance to Business Owners?

There are several reasons why Premiere Works provides full-service commercial facility maintenance to business owners. We began as a commercial painting company, and clients began requesting additional services from us because they trusted our professional staff and were pleased with the craftsmanship we brought to every project.

It was at that moment when we understood that our clients don't want to deal with each repair service company individually. They want a single management company that handles facility maintenance, and supplies and oversees all the professional workers. Business owners want to make a single phone call when they need repairs, commercial maintenance or renovations, confident that the facility maintenance company is on top of the task.

Facility Management Maintenance Services from commercial Contractors in Chevy Chase, MD

Additional Benefits of Working With a Complete Facility Management Maintenance Company

Besides only needing to call one company to perform varied maintenance services to commercial buildings and property, there are additional benefits to consider. When working with a full-service facility maintenance management company like Premiere Works, one company becomes familiar with your building, and we come to understand what problems arise and can fully tackle the problems. We can finish the repairs and renovations with minimal downtime to your operations, and we often can work during off-hours.

Another factor is the cost savings. You won't have to worry about receiving many different quotes and estimates from every craftsman and building contractor. At Premiere Works, we often offer better estimates for the variety of services we provide versus what other commercial contractors in Chevy Chase, MD can give because of the professionals we already have on staff.

Give Premiere Works a call today so we can begin repairing and renovating your commercial buildings and properties.