Find a Reliable Commercial Contractor in Fort Myer

Maybe you are ready to hire some contractors to maintain your building or property, or perhaps you already have a team of contractors you turn to in Fort Myer, Virginia. Although contractors provide you with specialized knowledge and skills that can help you out, managing the different ones and the various projects can become a full-time job. Since contractor management becomes a hassle and you have other responsibilities to attend to, consider hiring a general contractor to take over the management responsibilities.

Rely on a General Contractor for Building Management

Instead of juggling all of your maintenance and repair projects, you can hand them off to a general contractor. This person will oversee all of the subcontractors needed for your building or property, keeping them on task and on time. The general contractor will make sure the job gets done and will take care of subcontractor problems for you.

The general contractor can keep subcontractors in line with the offer of repeat work for a job well done. Or they can find replacement subcontractors if needed. In addition, they can take care of permits and other practical matters so you won't have to worry about it.

Fort Myer, VA General Contractors

In Fort Myer, VA, rely on Premiere Works for your general contracting services. Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, we are part of the Society for Protective Coatings and Painting, and the Decorating Contractors of America.

As your commercial contractor in Fort Myer, we will take over your projects, no matter how small or large, ensuring that everything is done to quality standards and on time. We will manage subcontractors along the way, including builders, electricians and others.

Our Contracting Services at Premiere Works

Our general contractors will manage specialized subcontractors that provide the following services:

Handling Problems

We can send handymen and other professionals to take care of one-time problems that arise in your business building or rental property. We have a variety of subcontractors on hand to take care of any situation.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you need more continuous services, we have the subcontractors for that, too. You won't have to worry about landscaping, snow removal, problems that crop up from time to time and other maintenance that will require regular work and oversight.

Plumbers and Electricians

We have these specialists on hand to take care of your plumbing and electrical installations, renovations and problems.

Outdoor Maintenance

Our landscapers will beautify and keep up with your lawns and gardens, plus we have subcontractors for exterior painting, roofing and other jobs.


Our subcontractors can renovate your company's buildings or rental property.

Would you like more information on the services we offer? Contact us and we can figure out whether our services meet your specific requirements.

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Premiere Works can handle a wide variety of contracting specialties, no matter the length of time or size of the project. And our general contracting service will manage all of the various subcontractors so you don't have to. To get your free estimate on our valuable services, call us today at (202) 966-0090 or fill out the form on our website.