Premiere Works General Contractors in Kensington, MD Take Maintenance And Repairs Off Your Plate

When you own a commercial rental property or are responsible for the maintenance of a building, you will be responsible for many different repairs and upkeep duties. You might find that it is more than you can handle, requiring the help of contractors.


Inevitably, you'll end up working with a range of contractors for different jobs, which can be a big hassle in itself. A general contractor can take this job off your plate and ensure that all of your jobs are completed to the highest standards and on time.

General Contractors Take Over Building Management

Handymen and subcontractors do not always follow through with their original agreements. It is also difficult to manage numerous subcontractors for every type of repair and maintenance job. But a commercial contractor can take on the management role and simplify the process for your company.


General contractors oversee subcontractors to make sure the job is completed with professionalism, timeliness and quality. Commercial contractors will handle problems for you, managing and replacing subcontractors as needed.

Top-Notch General Contractors in Kensington, MD

Give the duty of managing these subcontractors to Premiere Works. We provide commercial contracting services to Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. When you're looking for Kensington, MD commercial contractors, you're right in our service area.


Our company has our own staff of subcontractors that provide a range of services, from handymen to builders. We started as a commercial painting company and expanded along with client need. We ensure that every job is completed with high-quality, managing subcontractors for you.


Consumer Reports explains that one of the ways to find a quality general contractor is by looking for a positive Better Business Bureau rating. Premiere Works has an A+ with the BBB. In addition, our company is a member of the Society for Protective Coatings and Painting, as well as Decorating Contractors of America.

We Provide and Manage a Variety of Services

Our Premiere Works team consists of handymen, builders, painters, electricians, plumbers and other subcontractors. We offer the following services to your business:



With every job, we work hard to provide high-quality and professional workers that complete the job on your schedule.

Contact Us to Get Started

Our staff is ready for your emergencies, one-time projects or ongoing maintenance needs. Simply contact us at (202) 966-0090 or through the form on our website for a free estimate and to learn more about how our general contractor business can help your company.