Premiere Works has Your Reliable McLean, VA Commercial Contractors

Property managers and business owners understand that big projects require numerous skilled workers to do the job correctly so the project is done on schedule and under budget. They need people to handle the marketing and sales, inventory, accounting and other aspects to have an efficient operation, when a single boss manages every department.


The same procedures are required for facility maintenance management. You need plumbers to handle all leaks and clogs in your apartment complex, electricians to oversee the wiring in the office renovation, or flooring professionals to update tenant units. The craftsmen may work alone on a single project, or together on large renovations to get the job completed. When you hire the craftsmen, they will be considered subcontractors that need to be managed by a single boss.

That boss often becomes you, especially if you own or run a large number of commercial properties in McLean, VA that need to be maintained. Yet you may not have the time or resources for this.

Let Premiere Works Be Your Commercial Contractors In McLean, VA

Don't let the quality of your building become subpar simply because you don't have the time, experience or inclination to manage all the craftsmen working on your commercial properties. Premiere Works is your facility maintenance management company that brings quality craftsmen to your commercial properties so you have the facility that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for your office, apartment rental units or other commercial operations.

We have the subcontractors on staff to perform the work on your commercial buildings and properties. When you have an emergency, we send out the right craftsman to handle the job. We have landscapers, painters, electricians, builders, plumbers, handymen and other expert craftsmen working directly with us. The types of facility maintenance work we handle includes:

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Contractor

Unlike subcontractors, who you may never see again after performing the work, a commercial contractor will always work for you for the entire project. When you are getting office renovations or tenant unit upgrades, the commercial contractor will oversee the workers until the job is completed. They can ensure the subcontractor is performing the expert work they are qualified to do. If there are any issues with a subcontractor, the commercial contractor handles the problem by firing them and hiring the right person to come in to perform the facility management.

Premiere Works Is Your McLean, VA Commercial Contractors

No matter if you need a commercial contractor for a short amount of time to complete a single project, or to perform daily tasks for the entire time you own the commercial building or property, Premiere Works is the facility maintenance management company to call first when you are seeking expert craftsmen with years of experience and knowledge in the construction and maintenance field. Call us today for a free estimate of the project you need completed.