Simplify Building Maintenance With Premiere Works General Contractors in Woodbridge, VA

If you are in charge of building maintenance for a company or housing property, you will inevitably need to hire contractors to have some work done. You can avoid a large amount of the hassle involved with contracting when you work with general contractors in Woodbridge, VA.

How Do General Contractors Make Building Maintenance Easier?

General contractors take maintenance, repair and renovation projects off your hands and make sure they get done. They also ensure that each job is completed to the highest quality and on time. They will handle the subcontractors for you, sticking to a deadline and dealing with any problems that might come up.


Consumer Reports suggests hiring a general contractor if you will be using three or more subcontractors. The site explains that a general contractor can take care of some of the more complicated aspects of a job, such as permits, and that contractors can have more sway with subcontractors if the subcontractors are looking for repeat work with the contractor.

Premiere Works is Your Local Source for Woodbridge, VA Commercial Contractors

Premiere Works, a general contractor serving Northern Virginia and Maryland, knows the challenges of the industry and works hard to overcome them. We have subcontractors on staff in a variety of specializations, including handymen, painters, electricians and more. Our team can handle just about any job for a short-term or long-term period. We closely manage subcontractors, firing and rehiring if necessary, to ensure that your job is done quickly and to your specifications.


You can see our level of quality through our A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Our company is also a member of the Society for Protective Coatings and Painting, and of Decorating Contractors of America.

Our Contracting Services

If you need contracting work performed at your building or rental property, tell us more about your project and we'll see if it's something we offer. We provide:

Rental Renovations and Improvements

Improvements can increase the value and interest in your rental property. You will also have times when your renter needs repairs or when you need a place fixed up between tenants. We can perform building renovations, change the floors, paint and provide additional work.

Building Renovation and Repairs

We can manage the job when you need repairs and renovations to your building, no matter how big or small. We have a whole team, so we can send a handyman up to a builder depending on your project.

Exterior Projects

Are you looking for outdoor painting, repairs or construction? Or perhaps you need landscaping to brighten up your building. We have the staff for all of these kinds of jobs.

Unexpected Problems

We can send somebody quickly if you have a sudden problem. Since we work with different types of subcontractors, our one company can handle the whole process, from quickly fixing a pipe to repairing damage to the walls and floors that were caused by the leak.

Additional Services

We offer many specialized services, including plumbing and electrical work.

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