Commercial Carpet Installation and Repair in the DC Metro Area

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Carpet Installation

Carpet has been the most popular floor covering for over 50 years for many important reasons. It is comfortable and will add style with a luxurious atmosphere to your place of business. It is versatile and can be installed on top of most any surface. Carpet also provides a safety feature by being a non-slip covering. This is especially important, since any business owner wants to do all they can to prevent accidents and soften the effects in case someone does fall.

Installation and Repair

Installing and repairing carpet for commercial facilities and offices is a task best performed by experienced professionals. When you are ready to have new carpet installed, or need repairs done to your existing carpet, Premiere Works can guide you through the process from start to finish and will take care of all the details. We will deliver professional commercial carpet installation and high-quality repair solutions with the utmost honesty, integrity and friendliness.

Proper installation is essential to bring out the best qualities of a carpeted surface. It directly affects the performance and life expectancy of any carpet. When it comes to professional installation, our experts can get the job done with their superior craftsmanship and experience. Every meticulous detail of your carpet installation is taken into consideration to ensure excellence, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We Work Around Your Schedule

For your convenience, we can arrange to work around your schedule to avoid disruption to your daily business operations. If you have any specific recommendations or questions concerning your carpet installation, we will always be happy to discuss these concerns before the start of installation.

If your carpet ever becomes damaged or stained from the occasional accident, or there is the normal wear and tear, the repair specialists at Premiere Works will fix the problem to your satisfaction. Always remember, when it comes time to have your new carpet installed or you need repairs done, save yourself a lot of problems and concerns by doing it right the first time and hiring the pros at Premiere Works!

Our goal is to not only meet your highest expectations and standards of workmanship, but to excel with a commitment to building a strong, on-going business relationship. To maintain this goal, Premiere Works provides only the most knowledgeable and professional installers and repair specialists.

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