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When you’re looking to make a good impression on potential tenants and visitors, the landscaping of your property can make as big of an impact as the building itself. With commercial landscaping services from Premiere Works, you can make sure that first impression is a good one. Whether you want a completely new look or maintenance for your existing one, you can trust our landscaping experts to keep it looking beautiful all year round. We offer a variety of services to beautify and maintain your office exterior, including:

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Our landscaping professionals can help you determine what plants suit your location and will complement the architecture of your building, and then we’ll bring it to life. We can even design a landscape around environmental concerns and water usage without compromising its look and style. Already have a design in place? We can provide ongoing maintenance that includes anything from cutting grass to mulching, planting and removing annuals, pruning, and much more. The level of service is totally up to you: We can handle as much or as little as you’d like. You don’t even have to remember to call – we’ll come out at scheduled intervals.

In addition to these landscaping services, we offer complementary maintenance services like snow removal, concrete repair, and more to keep all parts of your building and the surrounding property safe for visitors and looking like new.

For more information on commercial landscaping from Premiere Works, or any of our building maintenance services, please contact us today at 1-202-966-0090. We’re happy to work with customers throughout northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.


Serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Landscaping and land renovations improve the outdoor spaces of commercial property. Creating beauty on the outside helps to impress visitors and passersby while helping to promote well-being among those who work at the location and look out on the property every day. Here are some of the main elements and terms related to landscaping:


Land and dirt removal or excavation is generally accomplished using large equipment like a back hoe. The purposeful excavation sculpts the terrain to create the desired landscape surface and shape.


Smoothing the soil or grading transforms uneven or steep hills of dirt and land. For grading, heavy equipment scoops and flattens the land surface so that slopes are gentle or the ground is rendered horizontal.


Adding value to the property, hardscapes are those added features and structures like stone, brick or cement pathways, porticoes and waterfalls. Hardscapes for commercial properties may also include points of outdoor interest like picnic areas or planters for flowers and shrubbery.


Most grass, plants and trees in the landscape need regular watering or irrigation. The installed irrigation system provides a way to keep the watering of outdoor live plants regular and in the right amount necessary for healthy plant life and growth.

Landscape Design

A profession and art, landscape design is the planning and bringing together the elements of the landscape to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment. Landscape designers, like clothing and home decor designers are professional artists that make a career out of designing large and small outdoor areas.


Mostly made of bark chips and other biodegradable materials, mulch is placed about the roots of plants and trees helping to define borders and outlining landscaping. The mulch helps to discourage the infestation of weeds and adds nutrients to the soil. This process of covering the soil around planted trees, shrubs and other plants with mulch is mulching.


Putting plants in the ground is planting. The skilled and successful planting gives plants a good start in the soil. Proper planting involves a hole in which to spread the roots, add water, straighten the plant and firmly cover roots.


One of the least favorite tasks, weeding is removing unwanted plants that come up voluntarily from the landscaped soil. Weeds that are not weeded out may overrun the carefully planned landscape and crowd out wanted plants that have been planted in the soil.

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