General Commercial Contractor in DC

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Washington DC is a vibrant city home to some of the nation’s most beautiful monuments, buildings and structural achievements. Businesses throughout the city rely on commercial contractors to enhance the aesthetics of properties, and maintain structural integrity. Utilizing an experienced and well-trained contractor helps to ensure positive results. Services offered to clients include commercial landscaping, facility maintenance, construction, plumbing and electrical work.

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping creates curb appeal for businesses, and is an important marketing tool for attracting new customers. The landscaping surrounding a commercial property makes the first impression on passersby. A well-groomed and manicured exterior is inviting, and adds to the credibly and reputation of businesses. Typical landscaping services include removal of yard waste, tree trimming and weed pulling. Treating small gardens, lawns and shrubs with pest replants is also normally provided. In a political city such as Washington DC, it is important to stand out among other proprietors.

Facility Maintenance

Maintenance and commercial handyman services are important for the stability, functionality and appearance of buildings. Businesses look to commercial contractors to assist with interior & exterior painting, wall coverings and exterior projects. Properly maintained facilities boost employee morale, enhance operational efficiencies and increase workplace safety. Workplace safety is important not only to protect employees and customers, but also to help mitigate the risk of lawsuits. There are many older structures in Washington DC making it critical maintain buildings.


Office renovation and commercial construction services are best handled by licensed professionals. These projects take a level of skill and craftsmanship not every contractor can provide. It is important to select a contracting firm with a track record of success and qualified personnel. It is critical to find a contractor capable of removing waste after projects, and willing to keep jobsites safe, secure and clean. Ineffective or sub-standard work can increase job costs and keep projects from being completed on time. Renovations, commercial flooring and remodels bring life back to old structures.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Commercial plumbing and electrical work are important to keep buildings functioning. This is particularly true in the case of retail establishments. Plumbing work helps to ensure proper sanitation and prevents water damage. In busy kitchens or restaurants, commercial plumbers are integral in maintaining operations. Plumbing services include pipe replacement, repair and installation. In terms of electrical work, contractors literally keep the lights on so business can operate. It is important to employ qualified commercial contractors trained to do effective repair work and installations.

Selecting the right commercial contractor makes the difference between favorable outcomes and mediocre craftsmanship. Services offered to businesses range from facility maintenance to plumbing and electrical work. Improve the appearance and stability of commercial properties by working with an experienced and well-respected contractor.